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Benefits of a Shared Personal Training Studio Work Space

A lot of personal trainers are able to determine the benefits of a diet and workout regimen in order to boost or enhance their clients wellbeing but neglect the work environment. A lots of personal trainers would benefit from a shared work space to share the resources and support so that they are able expand and save money and improve their clients wellbeing. At the same time sharing a work space can lessen the risk of failure. Take a look at the benefits of the shared personal trainer studio work space.

Get the Best Results


The first benefit that is often the most attractive opportunity for a personal trainer to take benefit off is found in looking for some real solutions to getting work based results. Through the resources of a shared personal training studio, you are able to discover and learn how to grow your business. Get inspired by colleagues who can help you in getting results and, at the same time, will be able to help you make a plan which is tailored particularly around your work and clients demands and needs. Most shared spaces have an excellent section of resources for you to take the benefit of so you can accomplish your objectives, you can meet both short as well as long term results for boosting your company growth.


You, Will, Be Able to Find Motivation


While a lot of individuals are motivated once they first started a dieting or workout plan, the motivation starts to fade away as an outcome of slowly and temptation becomes a regular influence in your work life. Through accessing the resources of a shared personal training studio space, you will be able to know a source of motivation that will assist you to keep on track and, at the same time, accomplish your main health-related objectives. By having someone who actively participates in your efforts and is proud of your outcomes, you will able to discover a source of motivation that assists you in obtaining the seemingly impossible.


Seeking Help and Support


The 3rd benefit of a shared personal training studio space is knowing the solution of aid to help you accomplish your objectives. A lot of people are aware of different exercise routines as well as different dieting plans but are not sure of what will work for them. The education and experience of a personal trainer can give you will help you to pinpoint the specific resources you can depend on to accomplishing your health-related objects.


Long Term Benefits


With a shared personal training studio, you will be able to achieve long term goals and get results with support from work colleagues . Through the resources of personal training studio, you can accumulate your short term goals to eventually see long term benefits that might have previously appeared impossible to accomplish.


Save Money


Perhaps the most popular benefit is that you will be able to save a lot of money from a shared personal training studio space. You can share the monthly lease with your buddy or friend. The money you save can be used on other important things.




Benefits of a collaborative workspace

Collaborative workspaces have been on the rise from the past decade. The scale of collaborative space as of 2018 has reached 70%. The collaborative workspace is an office where the employees of many different companies come together under one roof. The companies sharing of collaborative workspace which can come in one size fits all. Space usually is comprised of a mix of private offices where the employees have flexibility throughout their workday. These workspaces have some advantages when it comes to businesses of all size.


Agility to move

Agility is something that one needs to keep track of in this fast-moving world. The real estate needs to keep up with the business need, which allows one to have an innovative lab for the moonshot projects. The collaborative workspace gives the agility to move and enable one to grow their business. You can also have a number of employees to hire without having the commitment of inflexible leases in a traditional building.

Easy move-in and fast setup

When you become a member of collaborative workspace which needs to be endured for a stressful and expensive moving process, the Wifi is fast; the printers are full, the phones are ready to use. The signing in on the collaborative spaces means the operational tasks which require a weeks work and team efforts. This is a place where you and your employees can come in and get straight to work.

Office space in prime locations

The prime real estate is expensive and can be difficult for the source. Yet in order to attract and real talents, the companies need to look at other businesses, transportation, shops and restaurants. The buildings themselves can be bright, clean and modern. Collaborative workspaces offer a way into more expensive and in-demand spaces which can be found in prime locations. Most collaborative workspaces are the financial centres where everything is busy and business directed.

Cost efficiency

Collaborative workspaces can help you cut the costs by allowing you to pay for the things that you need. Of you are setting up the new regional headquarters and have a few current employees can lead to wasted space. The placing of those employees in a private office in a collaborative workspace can help them by providing them with a dedicated workspace. This can allow you to add up space for the growing team.

Cost efficiency

Ability to scale with ease

The primary objective of any business is to grow, and collaborative workspace can help you scale. Building a team in a test market can allow your business to diversify. Placing the teams in a collaborative workspace can give them an inspirational place to work where they can collaborate ideas and get to work immediately.


The Differences Between Shared Workspaces and Co-working Space

The difference between co-working and shared office space vary on the requirements and goals of the individuals. It is important to analyse each co-working space as shared office space on an individual basis. Each and every business requires a few things which can allow the space to work for their needs. Here are some of the key differences when it comes to shared workspace and co-working space.

The target audience

Co-working space is usually geared towards freelancers, entrepreneurs and startup business which can cater to more established businesses.


The location

The location of the co-working space is not tied to a specific location and are mostly standalone buildings. Shared office spaces are housed together where there is business centres which offer a workspace solution which works as a virtual or a private office.

The amenities

At a co-working space, one can easily find the entry-level business amenities, including free coffee and tea. They generally have a shared kitchen, Wifi connectivity, printers, photocopiers. The co-working spaces allow one to access the meeting, conference rooms, mail services but for additional fees. Shared office spaces provided a greater range of traditional office amenities to help the members with their day to day running of a company.


The community

Co-working spaces often focus on building a community which tend to offer a wide range of networking events. You will be surrounded by dozens of people who meet the flow of the new contracts that cohabit in a traditional office space for a few workers.

The layout

There are many co-working spaces includes breakout areas and open plans designs to encouraging members to converse and collaborate. Co-working spaces also include private offices and meeting rooms which can be rented out by the members, which offers diverse co-working areas. Shared offices are more traditional office design which allows the business to rent out the private room for its employees. It tends to be more segregated from aesthetics which can have a more conventional, compared to co-working spaces.

The lease


Co-working spaces tend to operate on a more flexible basis which can be rented out on hot desks. There are many spaces which offer a lot of members which is reduced during the time of sign up on the fixed term, which is usually six months. Shared office space usually leases suites for the period of a year, which allows them to be more flexible with the operations for the time being. A co-working space allows one to have the flexibility of the space allowing it to grow on a fixed rate while our business grows.

Co-working Space

Things to Consider Before Joining a Co-working Space

Co-working space is a facility where one can find a common floor of workstation and cubicle which can be rented out. The packages are of inclusive which can allow one to get the rent out which can allow one access to power backup, IT and maintenance support, front office services, etc. The mass expenditure and lengthy wait traditional offices is eliminated with the co-working space. The availability of the cost-effectivity which can allow freelancer, solo entrepreneurs and budgeted on the welcome advantage to help launch and build their operations with collaborations with others. Here are some things you need to consider before joining a co-working space.

What do you need?

Before you even go out for the office space, you need to identify the break down the company with the daily operations. The evaluation with the moving co-working spaces can help to contribute to the overall improvement of your work. Co-working space is not something which is one size fits all, and it is important that you understand the workspace before getting yourself in.

The type of spaces

The co-working spaces generally offer three types of desks which is their facilities. A hot desk refers to an available workstation, which is the facilities to be unplugged into the workspace. A fixed desk is a reserved desk that can be allotted to help with the schedule. A cabin space would be your topical office suite which is accessible by the team. A flexible desk would cost the least and is one of the smartest choices which can allow you to be productive if your work involves extensive interacting with the clientele which can help with storing and handling confidential information which is an expensive option.


The geographical location of the office also playa a very important factor which requires a lot of forethought and priority. It is important that your office space is connected to transportation of your preference which helps by providing the accessibility for the employees with a large client base. The office space also needs to have amenities like restaurants, medical facilities, entertainment options, etc. The closer the proximity, the further it makes the location which can give your brand the operation which gives them the more premium outlook.



The expenditure for setting up your own office space is quite expensive but understanding the budget when it comes to the based operation is also something which needs to be taken into consideration. Shared office space can help you save some money in the establishment, and the cost can easily be directed towards generating more business. One can work with facilities maintenance, IT support, power backup, air conditioning, furnishing, etc.